advocating for equality and equity across the globe.


Musicians for Equality is a student-led non-profit that advocates for equality and equity across the globe. We strive to bring justice to unheard voices, educate ourselves and each other, and spread awareness through music. 

We do this by hosting regular live streams and live recitals featuring young musicians from around the world to highlight underrepresented performers and composers, fundraise for current social justice efforts, and to provide a space to bridge our unique communities together.

Donate to our GoFundMe!

Please feel free to share our concerts and our GoFundMe link with family, friends, and colleagues. The musicians who perform for us have put in countless hours of practice to make our concerts possible, and we feel that it is especially important to support widespread access to music education. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many communities faced more barriers than normal which prevented them from being able to learn, grow, and support each other with music. Those communities are still recovering from the damage caused during that time, and the Harmony Program is doing a beautiful job of continuing to provide music education to communities with limited access and resources.

Your donations and the proceeds from this virtual concert will be donated to The Harmony Program, a non-profit organization based in New York City that provides after-school music education to communities with limited access and resources. You can find the donation link in the description of the video and as always all donations will go toward providing instruments and supplies for students, supporting teachers, and funding daily, free after-school music instruction. Any amount donated greatly supports the Harmony Program, so please don’t feel pressured to make a large donation.

Our most recent, live concert!